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Dr McCue
Dr McCue

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Originally from New York, Dr McCue moved to Australia as a medical student in 2010 seeking adventure and to experience a different style of living.

Working as a GP in rural Victoria, Dr McCue had many patients who suffered from allergies for months at a time but struggled to find local services with the skills to help. This led him to complete postgraduate studies and hands-on training in allergy medicine.

Through Canberra Allergies, Ochre Medical Centre Bruce, and soon at Queanbeyan GP Super Clinic, Dr McCue offers testing including skin prick tests, blood tests and nasal endoscopy to help patients understand the source of their problems.

Once a patient’s triggers have been identified, Dr McCue develops a personalised three prong approach:

  • medications to help reduce the impact of symptoms in the short term.
  • lifestyle factors where possible to reduce exposure.
  • desensitisation to train the immune system to recognise an allergen not as a threat but as part of everyday living.